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Lacks instructions

Total absence of instructions and controls makes this app virtually impossible to operate. Is this a joke?


I enjoy using it but the fact that we have to send ourselves emails to be able to access things on it should be improved for example I have to send my self an email of my lecture notes in order to be able to access it I would prefer it if I could just open it directly from my schools website Thank you

doesnt work (or am i too dumb to make it work?)

in either case cant use it

Cant load files.

This app doesnt work as described. I couldnt figure out how to import documents from other applications. The app doesnt show up in iTunes for file sharing. The only way I was able to view a file using the app was via email. The "website" support isnt of any help at all. Just tells you to send an email to "…@som3one3…" I hope this isnt a malware app.

Does what it says

This app does what it says. It allows me to read my excel spreadsheets. Easy to use!

Nope. No worky

Doesnt open URL. Doesnt open from Dropbox. Doesnt let me click/drag to iTunes. Whats the secret asshats?


It was tricky to learn how to work at first but if you can get the PP to open up in your browser and then touch the screen a button will show up that says "open in simple reader". I imagine it works similarly for other documents. Your phones sensitivity will influence whether or not it comes up on the first tap.

To hard to use

I dont like this one bit. Cant get anything to open!! :(

Easy to use. Handles .pptx very well.

Easy to use. Formatted my .pptx almost perfectly while a few other popular apps produced poor format for the same file.

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